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New Series on Ecclesiastes


I love to go hiking. Whenever I am descending a hill after a tough hike and I see new hikers heading up, I tell them "Not much further," "keep going," or "the view from the top is amazing!" That is what the book of Ecclesiastes does.

Solomon has "lived the dream." He had all the money, power, prestiege, and pleasure he could handle. Now he looks back on his life and offers encouragement to those who are heading up the trail. Having been there and done that Solomon has some wisdom to share. His wisdom will save us much pain, but only if we listen.

William D. Barrick, a seminary professor, calls Ecclesiastes the Philippians of the Old Testament. Philippians is arguably the Apostle Paul's most encouraging letter. Ecclesiastes is written with that same intent of encouraging us by showing us that meaning in this so-called meaningless life is only found in and with the Lord. 

I invite you to hike with us as a church on this new journey through the book of Ecclesiastes. The book is relevant to the deepest questions life has to offer. We'll walk away every Sunday with a sense of hope and encouragement even in the midst of the disappointments of life.

The view of the cross is amazing!



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The sermon on 10/2 was outstanding! Thank you!

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