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Trinity Bible Conference--Hebrews

Hebrews Jesus is Greater

Trinity hosted a Bible Conference last weekend with Dr. Dennis Johnson as our speaker. Dr. Johnson serves as a professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary in California. He has taught there since 1982. He has authored numerous books and in particular his commentary on Revelation was helpful for my Revelation series. 

At the conference, Dr. Johnson taught on Hebrews. Hebrews shows us the Christ-centered purpose of the Old Testament and points to the superiority of Christ over the Old Testament ceremonial practices—practices which had ‘a built in obsolescence,’ to use Dr. Johnson’s phrase. Meaning we should look to Jesus as God's best and final word (Hebrews 1:1-4)

You can find the audio of the conference here. Thanks to all who volunteered, attended and to all who listen. May the way God speaks through his Son, our prophet, priest, and king, lead you to a richer, fuller, deeper, and more joyful Christian life!